"Postiljonen Horses"

Postiljonen has always emphasized the advantages and the importance of collecting philatelic items of the highest quality. We think this is an important step for the development of modern collecting. To highlight, and to a certain degree reward what we think is interesting, fun, beautiful and high quality philately, we are choosing a number of items in our auction catalogues and present them with Postiljonen emblems. It should be specially noted that it is not a complete classification, you will surely find other items that would well deserve extra attention. This choice of excellence is a subjective opinion, even if done with professional as well as philatelic skill and experience. It reflects also the emotional influence of an individual eye.

An item of outstanding quality and beauty. A rarity for its appearance and not necessarily for its value. Suitable in any collection for private enjoyment as well as for exhibition.
An item of highest excellence in regard to quality, beauty and rarity. A wonderful addition to any collection in its area.

Order and commission

Mail and email bidders!

We always endeavour to simulate the actual auction situation for our mail bidders, you must however beforehand have determined the maximum you wish to pay for each lot and we will ensure that this maximum is not exceeded.

Your bids must be in Euro and divisible by 10.

The bidding always starts with the second highest mail bid plus the next increase (see conditions of sale sect. 2). The bidding then continues between the bidders in the audience and the highest mail bidder.

Take advantage of our "maximum service"

Avoid missing out on every item you wanted because of higher bids from others by bidding on many items but limit your total purchase to an amount of your choice. You can for example bid for a sum of Euro 10 000 but limit your total purchase to Euro 1 000 or any amount you wish.

You can also bid on two or several items and add "or" in between. We will then make sure that you get only one of these items. Further according to your instructions we can for example also raise your bid on one item if it turns out that you got another item less expensive than your highest bid.

Should there be two or more equal mail bids then the first bid received will buy the lot, so please submit your bids as early as possible.

To ensure you a safe handling of your bids, we need them at least 24 hours before the auction starts.

Email: Registered customers can submit bids by email. You must then include your customer number.

Financing the auction purchase

By leaving purchased lots as security, we are able to finance a large part of the total purchase for shorter or longer periods. Credit or payment arrangements must be agreed on in good time before the auction.


Please note that the buyer’s premium is 25%.
Buyer’s premium 20% only for:
1. Export to countries outside of EU.
2. VAT registered dealers inside of EU (Not Swedish). VAT numbers has to be forwarded to us in good time before the auction!
You can check if your VAT number is valid here


Köparprovisionen 25% inkluderar moms för kunder inom Sverige och EU. Momsregistrerade handlare, se ovan.

Import VAT

Lots marked a dot
Please note that lots marked with a dot next to the lot no. are subject to importation VAT. 12% will be added to the auction price except for:
1. Export to countries outside of EU
2. VAT registered dealers inside of EU (Not Swedish). VAT numbers has to be forwarded to us in good time before the auction!


This auction is held in Euro.
If there is anything you are wondering about regarding this, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Denna auktion avhålls i Euro.
För de svenskar som så önskar kan fakturering ske i SEK till av oss, på auktionsdagen, fastställd växelkurs.

Vi har upphört med postförskott.
P.g.a. Postens nya strängare regler för postförskott är våra möjligheter att leverera objekten på detta sätt väldigt begränsade. Av denna anledning har vi upphört med detta leveranssätt och kommer i stället att sända en förskottsfaktura. Kunder som trots detta önskar leverans mot postförskott ber vi kontakta oss.